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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Okay, i just got back from Kajang town...hahaha...actually i go to the Totoro Comic store (for those who don't know, it's actually a store that sold mangas and figures). Since I'm totally into reading manga, its become custom for me to go to the store everytime i got my paycheck and buy my favorite manga (Penyiasat Remaja Hajime Kindaichi).

So, i go into the store, said hai to that cute Chinese girl (the cashier) and gonna pickup my manga, i wanna take the Penyiasat Remaja Hajime Kindaichi (Kes Pembunuhan Bersiri) volume 7. Until i realize there is another hand holding that book at the same time I am. It's a girl, with pony tail hair and red shirts. We both want the same manga.

 Me: Excuse me, i  wanna take this manga, err...i saw it first.
Girl: Na ah, I saw it first, my hand was there first.
Me: No, i saw it first, my hand grab it first, so it's mine, why don't you take the other volume first and come back later.
Girl: No no, you take the other volume first and come back here later...i wanna read how the're gentleman, you take the other first.

Basically we both are grabbing that manga from both side, until...

Chinese girl: Aiyoo, tak payah gaduh2..itu komik boleh cari lagi dalam stok meh.

And then, we just looked at each other than just realize how we have become the center of attention for a WRONG reason! Hahahaa...everybody was looking at us with that weird look..and just like in anime and manga...there is wind blowing while that black line behind everyone and big sweat situation...Hahahahaha.

I paid for my mangas (so does she) and we both get out from the store quickly. Yeah, and the girl break the ice. Her name is Amy and she live at er.... Taman Ros or something like that, i believe that housing area is near the Sg Kantan. And to my surprise, she is really sweet...haha.. (my first impression is this girl is insane). We go and grab the ice-blended (at the Metro Kajang ground floor), basically sit down and just talk how we love anime and manga. Until my mum call and said she's and my appa already waiting at taxi stand. I rush, said goodbye quickly and just left. I forgot to ask for her phone number. Aiyakk.....anyway i just pray wherever she is and whatever she do, she'll be just fine. Ya Amy the manga-grabber, I say a little prayer for you.

P/s: I really hope i can meet with Amy's funny how from silly argument a friendship can growth, even for only 10-15mins time. =)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy but unpleasant experience.

Last day, i finally got my paycheck, so i decide to treat some of my friends today for pizza. The actual plan is to go and hit Pizza Hut, but when i arrived there with fiqa, it's full house tonight. Yes full house as in full of people.There not even room for 2 people let alone 5. So, fiqa suggests to me that we go to domino's kajang. So we go there, 5 of us, fatin, atie, syasha ,fiqa plus me (the only guy in the pact...muahahaahhaa). We order pizzas, but there is some strange experience I had.

 1)the cashier ask for number and name..what the heck you need my phone number, and name?I go to pizza hut  many times but they never ask for my name or phone number or anything that i would consider personal.

I just give to that man because i don't want to drag thing longer. We decided to take combo deal number 4. consist of large aloha chicken, beef peperoni, and banana kaya thing (i forgot).And then, while waiting we have chat..hahaha..a lot of fun, the thing is i never heard they call my name, until they like screaming to me. Okey, i thought they going to send the pizza to us because i specifically told them we're dine-in, not TAKE AWAY. And another thing is, why don't they serve us with plate and glasses, they serve the pizzas and everything in paper box and paper cup and bottle of coke. If that's the way the serve us, its be more better they advice me to TAKE AWAY in the first place. What a bad services they deliver to us.

And here the thing, after we finished the pizza, we just sit and have a chat but i don't know if it just my feelings or my friend feel that, but its like they urge us to go away faster. They keep screaming "cepatlah balik". I know maybe they talk to their colleague but you don't have to scream, you just make the customers feel unpleasant. While we cannot doubt Domino's for their delicious pizzas and affordable prices, but with that kind of services, you guys totally sucks! Maybe you should go for training on how to handle customers. Seriously.

P/s:It is a great night i have with my friends, just hang up and chat but our encounter as above create some unpleasant experience. I always believe that customers should and ALWAYS become the priority for merchants because once you give us that bad experience and impressions, you'll lost precious customers. And yeah, i definitely will not coming back to Domino after this.

Friday, October 29, 2010

World Psoriasis Day

I just realize today is 29th October....for some people nothing special about this date, but for me this date is so important because today is the world psoriasis day, dedicated for those who have been fighting psoriasis disease in their life. I'm one of millions of people who have been diagnose with psoriasis. And i never expected it will come to me. I was diagnose when I'm 12 years old, I just finished my UPSR i think... my head feel very itchy and then i realize there this white debris-like keep falling down from my head.My mom said i have dandruff problem, now worry. But then it start to get worst, my skin in hand and body have turn red and scalpy. Feels very itchy, hot and painful.The pharmacist told me that i have fungus infection and she give me ointments, but it didn't work really well.

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease that appears on skin, it appears when the immune system send out faulty signals that speed up growth of skin cells.

Until one day, we're driving my auntie, she's a doctor. She observe me and said,"I think you got psoariasis, and you better go for checkup". Indeed i go for checkup, and i got the most bad news i have in my life. "Adik, awak ada psoriasis plak, yang akak nak cakap ni dik, penyakit ni takkan sembuh once dah kena, just boleh kontrol je".Yeah sure, its not cancer, but its affect my life until today. When i was in form 2 - form 3 is my worst years, my psoriasis had gone to all part of my body, i think almost 40% of my skin got affected.

The hard thing is that people always give you the hard look, they dont want to get near you,some even think that you have AIDS! Yeah, once i go to 7E, the cashier didnt want any contact with me.She scared if she will got infected i think.I begin my treatment at Hospital Putrajaya, every week i got appointment, i also join the support group (people who got psoriasis change their story and experience) . And i get well,alhamdulillah. Sure it didnt fade away but its in control now. Until today, although sometimes it become worst again but then its in control. Thats the hard thing about psoriasis,you'll never know when it will comeback and how worst it gonna be.

Psoriasis teach me that you must be confident of yourself no matter how people look at you, and explain when somebody ask. And also that, i cant give up because i have psoriasis,i go to hospital, there is people who have cancer, eczema, and much worst disease than me but they live their live to the fullest.
My advice to people who have or think they might have psoriasis, seeks advice and treatments from dermatologist, you'll never too late. And people who dont understand, instead of just give us that hideous look, just ask, we'll be more happy to explain.

P/s: It's been more than 9 years since i had been diagnose, at first I think myself as being curse, now i accept it as bless from God because I'm a lot stronger mentally, i don't care what people gonna talk about me and more importantly, I learn that you just need to be happy to be healthy. And I'll will posts more about psoriasis after this. Any comments, kindly drop a line at

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Finally i have my own blog...i'm so happy. Own a blog is one thing that i really wanna do since blogging become hit...hahaha...but there is one problem, i dont know how to design one (i'm a total failure at design thing, seriously.), so it remains like a dream. Seeing other people blogs often make me feel jealous, envy. But thanks to my friend, miss j...who willing to take time and design my it finally come true. Frankly speaking, i like the cake house, the ice cream, its like the Hensel and Gratel story. I dont know whether i will keep up posting something here...hahahaha...but finally i can said. "I have my own blog". It give me a sense, yes i'm living in the IT era....hahahaha.

p/s: Neko Chan always believe that everyone must keep up with the advance IT world, blogging is one way to do so. Many blogs give us useful information in different s topic. But he also believe as a blog owner, its become his responsible to write something true and come from the bottom of the heart.

Any comments, kindly drop a line to: