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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back to basics

So, they said all good things must come to an end. Yeah, that's right.

3 days of holiday come to and end. Tomorrow is Monday, working day until Friday.

8-5 for normal people, 8.45-5.45 for those who're working with the bank.

Tomorrow, my daily routine begin, wake up at 4.50, eat and pray, take the first KTM to KL Sentral.

And then switch to Putra LRT until Taman Jaya. My normal routine, Monday to Friday.

Yes, boring routine, and then in the evening I will go back to Kajang with pack of people in the tren. But that's life.My student life is over...I admit i miss it.

So, back to basics! Not for me, but for everyone too!

P/s: To my friends who already done with their final examination, happy hols!

Friday, November 5, 2010


 "You're not the perfect person for this job."

"Ni kena buat balik...ade silap equation dia jadi tak perfect...sebab ade step dah miss"

"Baju ni macam tak kena dengan kau, tak perfect la kalau pakai".

Those are phrases that i got when i find a job, doing calculus and finding the right clothes at shopping mall. But,whether we realize or not, we got like, a lot of criticism about how imperfect we're the whole life. It's only natural that as human, even our self, want something perfect. We looking for perfection in everything we do.

Sometimes we forgot that God create us with imperfection....just for simple reason, so we can try to be better. Personally, I believe perfection doesn't exist in human (forgive me is you think I'm wrong, that just come from my on point of view).

Think about it, why when human create pencils, they create eraser as complimentary to pencils? Because human just can't stop doing mistake, even when we writing, that's why erasers and liquid papers exist.

Why woman need man sperm to fertilize her  ovum, because a woman can't have her own baby without man (except for Maryam, prophet Isa mother, who gave birth to her without being fertilize by man).

Sometimes in search of perfection, we tend to reject the so-called imperfect thing or person....until we forgot that we also are not perfect. Is there any people who have guts to said this, "I'm totally perfect". I would love to meet that person and laugh at his/her face. No such thing as perfection.

Don't trust me? Try this, what make you remember things or people?? Its because of their imperfection. Yeah, it is. This is the thing i heard..

"Pakwe lama aku tak bleh blah, asyik nak jeles je..."

"Oh, kau ni zul ek, yang selalu menangis waktu darjah 3 dulu kan"

"Kelakar gila cara kau berjalan, tangan asyik hayun2 je..cubalah jalan elok2."

Two out of three phrases above pointed to me..hahaha..yeah...I'm imperfect, because of that , people remember me, people don't remember me on how perfect you're...because it's boring!

Perfection doesn't exist for me, picture perfect exist. Ever see that person who looks so kind, generous and then when you know them up-close they're totally different, that's picture perfect, our mind want us to look at something as perfect, but things are not all perfect.

Ironically, i learn that from Bleach...Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi line(Ep 200) make me think. Here it is:

The average person admire perfection and seeks to obtain it.But what's the point of achieving perfection?There is none.Nothing,not a single thing.I loathe perfection.If something is perfect, then there is nothing left.There is no room for imagination.No place left for a person to gain additional knowledge or abilities.

I'm totally agree with above line. It's because of imperfection, there is iphone 4 in the iphone family...isn't it. And there is going to be another iphone to replace iphone 4.

There's nothing wrong on seeking perfection, it's just our nature, but remember this, nothing is perfect in this world. If we're perfect, doctor wouldn't exist because we never get sicks, God create everyone with different gifts so we can help and compliment each others.But, don't just give up, we can do our best to be a better person!

 P/s: For me, we can't be perfect being, but we can try harder to be better and better. The word perfection best describes God, only He is perfect.Just look around us for the evidences. And yeah,imperfection that make everyone unique. =)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A heart for Kajang.... =)

Today is holiday everyone....have a nice day...and for those who are celebrating the festival of lights, Happy Diwali for you guys.  Last night was awesome, for me, because i finally got to do something that i really wanna do for a long time ago. That is walking around Kajang town. Hahaha....yeah, right. After coming back from work, i feel like rather that just stay at home, it's better for me to go for sightseeing. And yeah, i decided to go to Kajang.

I am born in Kuala Lumpur, yeah , it's written in my birth certificate, but i never grown up in Kuala Lumpur. I grown up in Kajang and always have been in Kajang for my whole life. Last night, i walk around Kajang town, from taxi stand to the CIMB shop row, to the McD and salon, and then continue until the OCBC bank ...and then i go to Kajang bus stop and pretty well, almost entire small town of Kajang. I can't remember the road name though (and here I am dare to admit had been in Kajang for my whole life).

While walking, i found places that bring me back my memories to my past life...very nostalgic. And here it is:

Taxi stand Kajang:
My father is a cab driver, when i was a little boy, he always bring me with him, accompany him taking the passengers. And i also quit famous there,hahahaa...i still remember being lavished with ice-cream and candies, toys from other cabdrivers...they will hold me and passed me around...that good old days, now that i'm all grown up, these old timer will tease me...Uncle Nika, Uncle Selvam,Uncle Ah Fatt and many more. Miss that time.

Czip Lee:
This is the place I will go to buy stories parents always bring me there so i can buy my stories book, and color pensils....and yeah, Czip Lee has come a long journey, from small stationery store until today. Don't trust me?? You go there when school seasons back, and you'll see a lot of people there.It's the best stationery & book store in Kajang.

Insitut Kajang aka Pusat Tuisyen I.K :
PTM might be the most famous tuition centre but i think I.K it's the best. My parents enrolled me to I.K when i'm in standard 4 until form 3. A lot of fun i had there, the principal (i forgot her name) is so kind and generous.She's the reason why i have interests in English. Miss her so much! I wonder if I.K still open though, maybe i should go and see someday.

Metro Kajang:
I bet many of you'll rolled down when I list Metro as place that i use to go when i was a kid...but it's true. My parents use to take me and shopping there, and as teenagers I sometimes hang out there,I love the waffel shop in 1st floor...hahahaa. Metro also pretty much associated with Kajang town itself. The Metro group is the main developer for Kajang, they own a lot of properties and buildings in Kajang.Metro Kajang have proof itself to us, that its still in the game, even though there's a lot of new shopping malls, it still standing.

Kentflame Gift Shop:

Here is the gift shop i use to...err...hang out or menyibuk...hahahaha..i love to go there because they have many cute soft toys and weird stuff...and ship in the bottle. And that auntie never scold me because i always come to play and not buy a thing, she's so kind.I wonder if she's still around because i know Kentflame still open till now, even with tight competition from Home Living,maybe i should drop sometimes, see if she still remember me. Anywhere, Kentflame is pretty much my playground..hahaha.

These places is the place you won't find in Kajang Town anymore..

Ocean Supermarket:
Ocean is the supermarket, the main supermarket back in 90s, remember the blue dolphin as its logo...i miss ocean...but because of tight competition, it's shutdown the operations. Now that same building become the Bank Islam. Yeah, and Bank Rakyat too.

Twin Peak:
Twin Peak is the place you can find a lot of comics book, novels and magazines. It's a sensation for teenagers,because it have a lot of comics and mangas, you can just sit there and read, you only need to pay for entry but at low prices...i think around 50 cents to RM1, you also can rent the comics, like a very cheap cost,but yeah, it shutdown the operations because renting comics and mangas its not convenient since you have internet. =(

Tamiya Toy Stores:
This is the famous toy stores located above Manjaku...yeah, before Manjaku take over the floor above it, it use to be a toy store. Back in 90s when Tamiya is a hit,me and my brother and his friends will go there and play Tamiya there. The owner hold competitions every weeks, hahahaa...and i always fail. dangg~~ Anyway, it was so fun racing our Tamiya there in various tracks.

Kajang has come a long way to become what it is today, from small town that simply known as "Bandar Satay" until now. A lot of development happens here, from the new Metro Point to many new housing area, and new shops replacing the old one in the town center, i still love Kajang, the reason is simple, i always been here...maybe Kajang is not as cool as Kuala Lumpur or other town, but it's enough for me. I always heart Kajang.

P/s: And today, Kajang is being conquer by...err...Bangladesh and Indonesians, Vietnamese...but that's the price we need to pay for developments. Is it???